Our story

Lauren Worden grew up loving the water. She started taking swimming lessons at a friends backyard pool when she was only three years old. She would have considered herself to of been a good swimmer. Lauren was not afraid of the water and spent almost every day at the public pool swimming and jumping off both the low and high diving boards. She would swim until her fingers and toes were wrinkled.

When Lauren was 5 years old, her dad took her to a waterpark. She wanted to swim in the wave pool, so her dad got her a tube and off she went. Lauren knew she couldn't handle the waves, but Lauren went further and further away from the wave pool entrance until she was at the wall where the waves started. Once the wave pool began making waves, her inner tube flipped over, and she began gasping for air. A lifeguard jumped in and pulled her to the side. Lauren was ok, but a little shook up.

Shortly after the wave pool incident, Lauren's parents signed her up for swimming lessons. The instructor taught her how to save herself if she fell in a pool, as well as how to swim in clothing. Lauren became fearless of the water and in no time at all she was back in the water with wrinkled fingers and toes!

At thirteen years of age, she went on a canoe trip with her church. Things were great until the last day of the trip when her canoe flipped over. When it flipped, her body was underwater for what seemed like minutes, and the canoe got stuck between a rock. Lauren thought to herself, "that this is it." A gush of water came through the rocks, and she was able to come up for air. "What a feeling that was," Lauren explains. Lauren was able to stay above water until she could stand and get out. That was the scariest thing that has ever happened to her. Lauren went home and remembered how sad her parents were and how hard that canoe incident had hit them.

Shortly after Lauren's fifteenth birthday, her cousin told her about a lifeguard class that he was going to take. Honestly, she didn’t think she would succeed. Lauren thought she would get in there and fail - but she didn’t. She loved it. She loved every minute of it. She loved it so much Lauren decided to get her Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certificate to teach lessons. She wanted to show people how to save themselves. Lauren wanted to be the one that people learned how to swim from, and she was.


In 2014, After twenty-two years of independently teaching swimming lessons as a solo instructor, Lauren started a swim lesson company, Worden Aquatics. Today, Worden Aquatics is a leading swim lesson provider with multiple locations, multiple instructors, and a reputation of being a reputable swim lesson provider.

"We ONLY teach private lessons because we cater our lessons to the individual person. Everyone's learning style is different, so we teach everyone differently with the same results."


- Lauren Worden

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