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How Infant Survival Swim Lessons Could Save Your Baby’s Life

The Importance of Thirty Minutes

Thirty minutes in the life of a child seems like an endless roller coaster with ups and downs, twists and pivots, and thirty fewer minutes they could be playing. However, the older you become, the more you tend to realize the importance that a seemingly minuscule time block is. In thirty minutes, you can fold the laundry, pack your children’s lunches, and catch up on some reading. However, when your child is a baby, thirty minutes in the water with qualified swim instructors could be the difference between life and death. Infant swim lessons are becoming increasingly popular, but what exactly is the importance of them? What are they even supposed to teach your child? How much can a baby learn in thirty minutes? These are all pretty good examples of questions you’re probably asking yourself or Googling right as we speak, resulting in an alarming amount of terrifying articles. Don’t panic though, at Worden Aquatics we’ve got all of the information you need and the qualifications you want to help you keep your baby safe in the water. Our infant survival swim lessons are taught by skilled and qualified instructors who will help set your child up for future success in and out of the water. So, read on the learn why and how thirty minutes a week could save your child’s life.

What Are Infant Survival Swim Lessons?

Okay, so the first question you’re probably asking us is, “what exactly are infant survival swim lessons?” Well, to put it simply, infant survival swim lessons are thirty minutes in the water with a trained swim instructor who’s teaching your child what to do if they should ever find themself in the water alone. Typically, the recommended age for children to start these types of classes is six months and up. While swim lessons at such a young age may seem excessive, it actually helps children get used to the water and sets them up for future success. Additionally, these programs help teach children the basics of water safety in the water and out, creating better and safer swimmers. Infant survival swim lessons are helpful and crucial tools for helping you keep your child safe in the water.

We live in an age where YouTube, WikiHow, and Google all give you the ability to learn new trades, skills, and techniques in less than a week. With this wealth of knowledge, why would you pay the money to have someone else teach your child to swim when you could just as quickly watch a video and do it yourself? It seems to save you money, correct? Well, sure, but what if a situation arises that you don’t know how to handle, such as fear or anxiety? Some kids calm down after the first lesson, while others take a lot more time to feel comfortable in the water. There are so many different ways to handle this, but which technique depends on the child. Equally, infant survival swim lessons are precise to help your child become confident and safe in the water. Each component is critical and crucial in this process, as they all work together to help benefit the child. While taking the “do it yourself” approach is a wonderful way to save money and a great way to learn a new skill, “doing it yourself” when it comes to infant survival swim lessons can often do more harm than good. This is one thing that should be left to qualified swim instructors who are trained.

Why Worden Aquatics?

Now that you know what infant survival swim lessons are and why they are essential, you’re probably wondering why the staff at Worden Aquatics are the best people to instruct your child during this process. Well, there are three words to help explain this: professional, personal, and personality! First, every instructor that teaches with Worden Aquatics has to go through mandatory training. The rigorous training process includes shadowing other instructors and researching different techniques to help instruct children in the most effectively and professionally possible way. This ensures that the teacher has the experience and can handle any situation that could occur during a lesson. Secondly, Worden Aquatics teaches only private lessons that are personalized to the individual child. Some children love the water, while others despise it. Some children love to go underwater, while others prefer to stay on the surface. No matter what your child enjoys, Worden Aquatics tailors every lesson to fit the specific way your child learns best, leading them to become confident and safe swimmers. Lastly, each instructor has a unique personality that makes every lesson fun! This aspect helps you out so that when the day for the lesson comes, you don’t have to drag your child kicking and screaming into the pool area. Well, hopefully. One of the goals of Worden Aquatics is to help make every lesson safe, professional, and fun.

So, now that you know a little bit more about infant survival swim lessons, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lauren Worden to schedule your next lesson. After all, just thirty minutes can help grant you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe in the water.

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