private swimming lessons

Fun, Educational, & Safe

Our private swimming lessons are designed to cater to the individual swimmer. We don't have a set lesson plan. We asses each swimmer's abilities and develop a plan that fits the needs of that swimmer.  

Now teaching in middle Tennessee including Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, & Spring Hill

Swimming Lessons for Children

Our child swim lessons focus on swimming skills ranging from basic water safety, survival self-rescue skills, floating and stroke development. We encourage this age to persevere, remain confident, and have fun while striving to reach their individualized aquatic goals. Each swimmer has a veteran swim instructor that uses a dedicated and patient approach while teaching methods on aquatic safety in and around the water.

Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

Our toddler swim lessons focus on basic water safety skills and survival aquatic self-rescue skills, all while learning how to relax and enjoy the water. All swimming skills are taught first by explanation, then demonstrations, correction, and repetition. Our focus is on the child enjoying themselves, building self-confidence and learning how to become more independent in an aquatics setting.

Mommy & Me Lessons

Our parent/child swim lessons are designed to help younger children get familiarized and comfortable with water, and the primary focus in this lesson is having fun. These swim lessons consist of a variety of guided aquatic skills such as basic water entry, monkey crawl, blowing bubbles, front kicking and back floating. Games and songs, playing with water toys and having fun are an integral part of the parent/child swim lessons. These lessons are also private.

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Our private adult swim lessons are individualized and based on personal goals related to fear, health, fitness, and growth. These private swimming lessons are an introduction to the sport of swimming focusing primarily on conformability, remaining calm, and then progressing into proper floating, kicking, and further into stroke technique. All swimming skills are taught by explanation, demonstrations, corrections, and repetition.

"Lauren Worden, the owner of Worden Aquatics, leads a team of the utmost integrity. Their instructors are absolutely incredible. Reliable, competent, friendly, and the Director of First Impressions truly embodies her title. These attributes are rare for instructors/coaches - and for that reason, I HIGHLY recommend their services. Would not go with anyone else to teach our son.."


- Tiffany Noll

did you know...swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning?

did you know...swimming is a life skill that allows students to learn necessary lifesaving skills?

did you know...swimming is something you can do at any age?

did you know...swimming builds whole-body strength and is low impact?

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