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"This is to endorse and recommend Worden Aquatics and Lauren Worden as a one-on-one swimming instructor for children.  I must begin with a background story.


I asked my 8-year-old granddaughter, Ava, about her summer camp experience.  She said it was so-so.  I then asked if she wanted to go back next year.  She said she did not really want to go, but that she was going anyway because she didn't pass the swimming test this summer.  And it really meant a lot to her to pass.  Her response saddened me and I wanted to help her.


Soon afterward I happened to be at a pool with our grandchildren.  A neighbor and her children were there and I commented to the mom how impressed I was with her children's swimming ability.  She replied "We found the greatest swimming teacher.  She gets all the credit. "


Seeing a possible solution for my Ava's summer camp problem I asked for Lauren's name and phone number and set up lessons.  Not just for Ava, but for her younger sister Hazel as well.


Of course, I was on hand to watch the lessons, and I was overwhelmed by Lauren's ability to command and hold their attention, and by the level of trust in which Ava and Hazel held her.  The results were immediate, dramatic and impressive.  The girls had 3 private lessons, and half an hour each.


Before the lessons, Ava's style had a frantic, flailing quality, with awkward gulps for air.  Now she can confidently and comfortable swim the length of a 25-meter pool, breathing easily and regularly.  Hazel, who is five is, not yet at that level.  What she has learned is the basic crawl, but of even greater value is how to react if she suddenly finds herself in water over her head.  She has learned to relax, get a breath and make it to the edge."


Susan L.

"We had our first lesson with Jacob last week.  Lucas seemed to really enjoy it.  Jacob was great with him.  He made their lesson fun and you could tell he enjoys what he does.  We liked it so much that we will be having another lesson with Jacob this week! I think Jacob will be a wonderful asset to your team."

Amanda H.

"My son has been using Amber with Worden aquatics for the last 4 lessons and I have seen a complete 180 change. We’ve done lessons in the past but never private lessons and the 30 minutes focused on my child is worth every penny! We’ve used also used Lauren and both instructors make him feel comfortable and have fun but also push him which he needs! Overall I’m very satisfied and am hopeful he will be swimming by summer!"

Kristen Evett.

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"We have worked with Worden Aquatics for many years and we have always been very pleased!  My two boys started lessons when they were around 2.5 and now at 7 and 4 they are confident skilled swimmers. I would highly recommend all of the staff.  We have worked with numerous staff members over the years and have always been happy with them!"

Anne Peaks

"Hands down, you HAVE to talk to Lauren at Worden Aquatics. They are AMAZING. Best. Ever. The end. Full stop. Private one on one is their specialty. The kids will love them, and they will learn and get so confident in no time flat. You will thank me later."


Shane T.

"I can't say enough good things about Worden Aquatics and my son's teacher Jason. We did 4 private lessons and it took my child from being fearful of the water to being a kid that begs to go swimming all the time. We tried group lessons several times and failed because my child really needed that one on one attention and someone to closely supervise and push him just enough. It was a wonderful experience and we intend to sign him up again this summer as well as my three years old whom I plan to just skip straight to the private lessons. If you're on the fence about spending the extra money for private lessons it's so worth it to get your kid comfortable in the water sooner. Highly recommend."


D Renea.

"Lauren is a wonderful swimming instructor. I am a 55-year-old male who has had a fear of the water all my life. Lauren combines enthusiasm & encouragement and knows when to push to get me to accomplish more than I might think I can. I still have more work to do but Lauren has given me a great deal of confidence and motivation that I can achieve my desired goal of using swimming as a form of exercise. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone no matter the age."


John Z.

"I didn't believe it could be done, but Worden Aquatics taught my 5-year-old granddaughter to swim in 3 lessons. My granddaughter learned the basics and also "unlearned" the way she used to "swim" (dog paddle). The instructor was able to maintain my granddaughter's attention and explain things in ways that she understood. No small feat! Watching her progress in a short period was terrific. Thanks!"


Susan B.

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